Zen Counting Game

Length of Time: 3-5 minutes

Game/Activity Name: Zen Counting Game (adapted from Street Yoga Curriculum)

Age Group: Elementary School, Middle School, High School

Supplies: None needed

Space Set-Up: Any format (circle, mats, clusters)

Game Instructions:

This activity is a counting game that can help refocus a group. One person begins with counting out loud “one”, followed by another person at random counting out loud “two”, and so on. No one can say the same number at the same time or tell another person to go. No words are involved except numbers. The goal of the game is to see how high you can count together as a group.

Explore different varieties such as pace, whispering, or people closing their eyes. This activity helps to build awareness of other people and yourself as you need to be watchful and listen to what is going on.

Special Considerations:

Can be used at the beginning of a class to get everyone’s attention or at the end of another game to bring the group back together.