Veggie Off

Length of Time: 5

Game/Activity Name: Veggie-Off

Age Group: Elementary/Middle School/High School  

Supplies: n/a

Space Set-Up: Two Participants (dualers) will be back to back. Everyone else will be away from them out front watching the ‘veggie-off’. 3 Judges (usually participants) will be together in a group to choose the vegetable and judge the winner.

Game Instructions:

Two participants line up back to back. Judges choose a veggie (ie broccoli) the participants walk ten steps away from each other  the judges call out the veggie (‘broccoli!”). Each participant imitates the veggie and the best impersonation wins (judges decide).

Special Considerations:

This is a great game if you need to pick a winner or a student to lead something or go first in another activity. It is a great tie breaker or an opportunity for two team to go against one another kind of like a coin toss.