Tree/Wind Game

Length of Time: Depends on energy level of the group; try 2-3 rounds to start and maybe add on more rounds each class

Game/Activity Name: Tree/Wind Game (adapted from Street Yoga curriculum)

Age Group: Elementary, Middle School

Supplies: Mats

Space Set-Up: Circle

Game Instructions:

One person is chosen as the “wind” (depending on the size of the group, 1 “wind” to 6 “trees” is a good amount). All of the other people come into tree pose. One foot stays rooted on the ground, connecting their foot or shoe with the ground. THe other foot is lifted and then placed on the inside of the standing leg’s calf, so the legs are making a “4” shape. The rest of the body is upright, and the hands can come together in the front of the heart or open to either side, or up in a V. The trees find their balance, and can look at a still object to do this. The “wind” will then begin to circulate around blowing, moving creatively, and attempting to distract the trees. The “wind” should not touch anyone but can try to make the kids laugh! As the “trees” fall or come out of balance they come to sit on the ground. If the trees are in good balance, another person can be chosen to help the Wind. If one tree is left standing, this person becomes the wind for the next round.

Special Considerations:

This game can be great for kids with lots of energy to try to be a calm and solid tree, and vice versa for kids who tend to be quieter to be the crazy wind.