Nature Kids Game

Length of Time: 10 minutes

Game/Activity Name: Nature Kids Game (adapted from Street Yoga Curriculum)

Age Group: Preschool, Elementary, Middle School, High School

Supplies: Mats

Space Set-Up: Circle

Game Instructions:

Pick 6 things from the nature of your surrounding area such as rocks, river, trees, bugs, birds, cloud. For each one, come up with a physical movement that represents it (option in smaller groups for each participant to choose one and come up with the movement). One person will be the caller or “it” and they will begin to call out one thing at a time, and everyone will respond with the movement assigned to that thing. For example, if the caller says “cloud” everyone will enact the “cloud” movement. The caller can follow with another one. May also explore changing the order, calling at a slow pace and then gradually increasing the speed of items called, etc.

Special Considerations:

Consider whether you’d like to be the caller or offer it to students to be a caller (in large groups it may be easier for the teacher to just be the caller). If more than one person want to be the caller, make sure to allow for enough time for them to each have a turn being “it”.