Freeze Yoga

Length of Time: 10 - 15 minutes

Game/Activity Name: Freeze Yoga (with music or counting)

Age Group: Elementary School, Middle School, High School

Supplies: None needed (or a speaker if you are doing the music version)

Space Set-Up:

Circle if possible, if the space is small and there is a lot of kids you can have them move around the space

Game Instructions:

The group moves around the circle as the ‘museum curator’ counts or closes their eyes in the middle of the circle. When the music stops (usually managed by a yoga instructor) or when the curator reaches 10 all other students freeze in a yoga pose. The curator chooses the best statue (still, quiet, close to an actual pose) and they switch places. The game continues without any real winner for as long as is appropriate for the group.

Special Considerations:

This game is great as there is no winner. I usually try to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to play the role of curator. Having music/dancing happen can be really fun for a kids group. I try and have some kidzbop songs downloaded for this purpose.