Concentration Clap Sequence

Length of Time: 10 minutes

Game/Activity Name: Concentration Clap Sequence

Age Group: Middle School/High School  

Supplies: n/a

Space Set-Up: Circle

Game Instructions:

This is a fun game if you have a couple of minutes at the end of a class and don’t want to play any super physical or high-energy games.

Participants will sit in a circle with hands in the middle of the circle. They will place their hands alternating with the people on the right and left of them so that directly in front of them will be two other people’s hands and their hand will be placed in front of the person to the right and left. A ‘clap’ (clapping the hand on the floor) will be passed around the circle.(It is sometimes helpful to pass the clap a couple of times around so students get accustomed to the pattern.) Now starts the fun, a double clap sends the clap in the opposite direction. As participants get more comfortable with the pattern it speeds up. If the pattern is broken (a clap happens out of turn) the offending party is out. The game ends with two winners who can use a veggie-offfor a final winner. 

Special Considerations:

Some participants are challenged by this game and give up easily. In my experience some kids really like it and request to play it again and again.