Captain's Coming (Y Cards)

Length of Time: 10 minutes

Game/Activity Name: Captain’s Coming

Age Group: Elementary School, Middle School

Supplies: None

Space Set-Up:

One side of the room is designated as “shore” and the other as the “ship”

Game Instructions:

Players must follow the commands of the “captain.” Feel free to add your own but some include:

  • Ship: players must go to the ship side of the room

  • Shore: players must go the the shore side of the room

  • Hit the deck: players lay down on their bellies

  • Octopus: players lay on their backs and move their arms and legs

  • Captain’s Coming: players must salute and cannot move before the captain calls “At Ease” - this is where you can try to trick the players into moving/following commands

  • At Ease: players can unfreeze and continue when the next command is called

Special Considerations:

You may want to practice the commands with the students before beginning the game