5 Finger Contract

Length of Time: 5 Minutes

Game/Activity Name: 5 Finger Contract

Age Group: Elementary/ Middle School

Supplies: n/a

Space Set-Up: Circle

Game Instructions:

The 5-finger contract is a great way to set up expectations prior to a new class. This gives the instructor and the students something to refer back to during the course of the session in the event that unwanted behaviors are presented. Typically for the first class the teacher will present each piece of the contract and what it means, in subsequent sessions, students can be used to reference the contract.

Thumb = ‘thumbs up’ - be positive and encouraging to everyone in the group (including yourself!)

Pointer Finger = ‘#1’ - 1 person talking at a time, 1 person per mat (for safety considerations)

Middle Finger = ‘disrespect’ - We will all be respectful to everyone during the duration of the session

Ring Finger = ‘commitment’ - Students are committed to the session, if they need to take a break or go to the bathroom, no problem, but they agree to not distract others

Pink Finger = ‘safety’ - safety first, follow the instructions of the teachers to ensure safety

Special Considerations:

If a group already has some structure around expectations (perhaps this is a group that is around each other a lot) this may not be necessary. It has been useful with groups that we see somewhat regularly to continually remind them of our expectations (and let them know we have them)!